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MMMacbeth's Fan-Fiction Contests

X-Men, Animorphs, Harry Potter, and more.

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Greetings, fellow writers! I am a sixteen-year-old high school student trying to start up a monthly writer's contest. Here's the idea: Every month, I set out a few story guidelines for each fan-fiction category - Ex: An Animorphs story including Marco, a porcupine, and disgruntled mime, or an X-Men story including Phoenix, Jubilee, and a traffic jam - and you guys write the stories. Each month, one winner for each contest will be selected and have their story posted with honors and their name and bio added to the winner's list. Also, once a month I will select one outstanding story from any contest and name it "Fic of the Month". Sorry, no prizes. The idea is to make writing interesting, and get a group of people who love the same thing interacting and having fun, while gaining pride and skill.

What is fan fiction, you ask? Sometimes someone will read a book or see a movie and fall in love with the characters or the idea. They want the story to continue. When that happens, they write original stories about or using characters from that movie or book. These stories are called fan fiction. To find out more and see some examples, visit

Basic fic guidelines:

1)Must be rated *below* NC-17. This counts for disturbing imagery and violence, not just sex and language. If you're not sure about what qualifies, send your fic to me and I'll make the call.
2) No slash (m/m or f/f romances). Sorry.
3) Must be complete. It can be a section of a larger fic, but it has to be completely understandable on its own.
4) Length does not matter.
5) Proofread! I reserve the right to automatically throw out any story whose grammar or punctuation is so bad that it is unpleasant to read. Exception being non-native English speakers, but that's it. That being said...
6) English. Me ignorant American. No hablo anything else.
7) Poem, prose, song, I don't care unless contest guidelines specifically require a certain format.
8) Fics will be judged by me or those ordained by me.
9) I reserve the right to throw out any fic for any reason. This does not mean I will throw out your entry because I don't like you, but I do have the power to.
10) Must meet contest guidelines.
That's it! =D

This month, I will begin accepting entries on Thursday, June 7, 2001, and the contests will close midnight(MST), Mary 6, 2001.